We would like to inform that for health’s sake of our workers and safety stay of our Guests in the building, there have been procedures in place for the operation of hotels in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic in accordance with the regulations Ministry of Development in Consultation with Main Sanitary Inspectorate of 28th of April 2020.

Precautions we took in our Hotel:

  1. Our facility is cameral, which means we can host maximum 62 persons
  2. Disinfectants are available for our Guests in the main hall near entrance, in the lift and at the Reception
  3. We sell masks at the reception
  4. Instructions on disinfecting hand washing, putting on and taking off the mask and disposable gloves are placed in the facility
  5. We regularly disinfect common areas – including handrails, door handles, light switches, elevators, handles, chairs, countertops, etc.
  6. We monitor very carefully all cleaning work
  7. Brand new check-in/check-out procedure to shorten the time to minimum. For safety of our Guests it is possible to check-in/check-out without contact with any of the Staff – keys will be waiting for You in special safety box near the entrance. Exact and clear instruction our Guests will receive via e-mail before arrival
  8. The breakfast  is served in the breakfast room by the waiter. Meal time is arranged at the reception in order to avoid too many people staying in the breakfast room at the same time. The tables in the room are placed at a safe distance.
  9. During-stay cleaning only on request
  10. It is strictly forbidden for our Guests to have visitors from outside the hotel
  11. Using hair dryers and AC is forbidden
  12. All bed sheets and towels are washed in temperature at least 60 degrees, using also bactericidal detergent
  13. It is mandatory to wear masks in the common areas of Hotel for everybody
  14. All our Staff wears mask and disposable gloves
  15. Keeping at least 2 meters distance between people
  16. After check-out the room is disinfected very carefully. Not only the room is cleaned with strong antibacterial agents and ventilated – the room is closed for sale for at least 72 hours if it is possible
  17. We try to provide rooms as far as possible from other Guests, to ensure the least possible contact with each other
  18. There is one room prepared for Guests who might have symptoms of COVID-19 to isolate from others
  19. In visible areas and places we put information about the nearest Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and medical services so everyone will know where to look for help